SQL Saturday Exeter 2014

Hi guys, so SQL Sat Exeter has once again come and gone and once again it was a fantastic, well organised event.


There were surfboards, Hawaiian shirts, palm trees, monkeys (of the inflatable kind) and even a few grass skirts!

Miss Ninja and I had a great time, so thanks for all that made it happen Smile


I was lucky enough to be asked to give a full day pre con and although it was an immense amount of work to put together it was more than worth it to spend a day with a fantastic group of attendees!

I also had a full room for my session on the Saturday too and, snoring man aside Smile (it was very hot in my defence) that seemed to go down very well too which is always great too!

So as promised I have attached my slides in pdf form and also the scripts to my demos.

Slight disclaimer on the demos, some of them have been written to work on tables and structures that I may have already had on my local database and that the scripts themselves may not set up. Also there’s are more than a few DBCC commands and changing of server and session variables so as always please use with caution! Smile

Slides and scripts available in the link below (Before clicking, please see my note at the bottom of this post):


Enjoy! Open-mouthed smile


Just a quick note: I’ve already had situations in the past where I have found people using my stuff without permission or crediting me in anyway so I’m putting this all up in good faith. Please don’t let me down internets Smile

Anyone that speaks / presents will tell you that a stupid amount of effort goes into putting these things together and I personally can’t think of anything more offensive that my hard work being stolen and passed off as someone else’s. That being said, I don’t mind if you want to use some of this stuff in your own presentations etc BUT please contact me first, I’m more than likely to say yes as long as I’m credited in where my stuff is used Smile


4 thoughts on “SQL Saturday Exeter 2014

    • Hi Emma, you’re more than welcome. Thanks for coming to spend the day with me! 🙂
      Glad you’re putting some of the things into use, please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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