SQL Saturday 194 in Exeter – Part 2

HI all, so as promised here is my follow up post with the slides and demos from both the pre con and also my session on the Saturday. The files can be found here and are password with the password Dave and I gave out on the day (my Saturday session files are not passworded)




I also just wanted to take the time to share something really nice that we received from the event, the session feed back. I can’t emphasise enough how much we as speakers appreciate it when people take the time to give feed back, especially comments on top of the scores.

Its also really nice when all the scores are high numbers Smile If you have ever been lucky enough or are ever lucky enough to get to present a conference session or a pre con, you’ll know that a lot of work goes into it, and getting feedback makes it all worth while. Good feedback is awesome but also any constructive criticism is always welcomed too. I don’t personally mind if you give me a low score as long as you tell me why, no one is perfect and this kind of feed back is the best way to improve.

That being said, the two feedbacks I got from SQL Saturday in Exter where all amazing, it’s genuinely humbling and means a lot when people give nice feed back and say that it has helped them

So, firstly I want to share the scores from Dave Ballantyne and my pre con session. By the way all scores are out of 5


As you can see we got pretty much full marks in all sections, again this is great and we really appreciate it. The comments as well really made us go “wow”. Again, amazing.

Then the feedback for my session on Saturday, again scores are out of 5


Again I was really amazed at the scores and also the comments. Overall I’m totally overwhelmed by how positive everyone was and all the nice things that people said, in feedbacks, on the day and also via twitter.




Again a selection of a couple of the really nice things that people said post the event.

Now you might be asking why “Dave, why are you posting all this ego stroking material” well for a few reasons, to say thank you to everyone that took the time to leave the great feedback. Also to say that it really helps everyone leaving feedback, even the organisers, so they can gauge how the event went down.

And finally to share it so that anyone thinking about speaking for the first time can see what to expect and also that generally everyone is really nice and that all feedback is good, even constructive criticism.

Anyway that’s it for now




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