SQL Saturday 194 in Exeter – Looking Back

So this weekend finally saw SQL Saturday Exeter arrive, for me its felt like ages in the build up so it was great when the time finally came!
I traveled up on the Thursday night ready for the pre con Dave Ballantyne and I were doing on the Friday.

We started the Friday morning the breakfast of champions way!


As you can see, it was a good way to start the day!

We then went on to our room and waited for our awesome delegates to arrive. We actually “won” the day in terms of numbers having about 16 attendees, something we didn’t hesitate to rib the other pre con trainers about 😉

Having never done a pre con before I wasn’t sure what to expect but the whole day was great, everyone that attended was interested and engaged and asking loads of questions, which is fantastic.

It all went mostly without a hitch other than the “demo gods” messing with us once it twice. The best of these was myself “loosing” a demo I wanted to run spending a couple of minutes trying to find it to no avail and then stumbling across it about 40 minutes later, to the sound of much laughter from the attendees I might add! 😉


We broke the day up into four chunks with Dave and I alternating between sections and chipping to each others segments too, which seemed to work really well.


A great day of training followed by the speaker meal and a few beers. Miss ninja also came down and joined us for the evening with a view to coming along on the Saturday.

Saturday came and the main event was upon us, was great to see all the speakers from the sql family there and loads of engaged attendees too.

I did my session at ten fourty five and had a full room of engaged people, again asking lots of interesting questions. I was even graced by Jamie Thompson which was good who asked a few questions and kept me on my toes! 🙂

We did unfortunately slip off a little early as myself and miss ninja started to feel a bit under the weather but all in all an awesome weekend was had!

I’m on a train as I write this so I will update the post later today adding a password zip file containing all slides and demos from both the pre con and Saturday session

As a final thing, I want to say a massive thank you to all the organisers and helpers, you guys made this an awesome event and I hope everyone recognises your hard work

Anyway that’s it for now



4 thoughts on “SQL Saturday 194 in Exeter – Looking Back

    • Really glad you enjoyed it and was able to tale something away from it to. Thank you very much for your kind words, it makes all the work put in worthwhile 🙂

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