SQL Sat 194 – Exeter Pre Con


Hi all!

As you may or may not know, Dave Ballantyne and myself are lucky enough to be doing a pre con session at the up coming SQL Sat 194 in Exeter on the 8th of March 2013.

This is my first ever pre con session and I don’t mind telling you that, from my side at least, it has been a lot of work to put together. I’m not sure what I expected when Dave and I agreed to do it but it has certainly taken up a few evenings and weekends Smile

That being said, it’s been and labour of love and I’m genuinely really excited about spending a day with a group of people that have spent real cash monies to come and see Dave and myself. It’s genuinely a humbling experience when you think about it like that, so to all that are attending, thank you! Open-mouthed smile (There may also be some Haribo as a thank you as well on the day)

So, as a teaser for the people that are attending I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of what you’ve got to look forward to during the day:

  • Query Plan Deep Dives
    • Taking a deep look into statistics, plan caching and query plan internals and more
  • Procedural vs set based code
    • Looking at the performance implications of cursors, UDFs, TVFs, Recursive CTE’s and more
  • TSQL Myths and Misconceptions
    • Taking a look at common mistakes people make in sql server and TSQL coding and also challenging common misconceptions and misunderstandings
  • SQL Server 2012 TSQL Improvements
    • A good look at some of the new TSQL and other functionality of sql 2012

So there it is, I hope that will whet your appetite for getting stuck in on the day. If there’s anything any of you attendees want to take a specific look at then please either drop a comment on this post or drop me an email (davidmorrison2009 at googlemail dot com) and we will see what we can do

Look forward to seeing you in Exeter!



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