SQL Saturday 194 – I’m Speaking! (Yay!)

Hi all,


Bit of a belated post but I wanted to just share the news! Smile  As the post title implies I have had a session selected to present at the upcoming PASS SQL Saturday Exeter event.

Not only that but myself and Dave Ballantyne were also lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to do a whole days pre-con session as well! (http://sqlsouthwest.co.uk/SQLSaturday_precon.htm#pc1)

This will be my first ever pre-con session so if you’re coming, be gentle with me! Winking smile There may also be some haribo and other goodies in it for you when you come along!

I’m always genuinely excited and also very humbled whenever I get a session chosen to present, there are a whole host of very smart people out there who have a lot of really interesting and clever stuff to say, so its always genuinely an honour. So thank you to everyone that voted for my session Open-mouthed smile

If you are coming along to SQL Sat Exeter then please find me and see me and say hi! It’s always good to put faces to (twitter) names. I’ll also have the lovely miss Ninja is tow as well as I have convinced here that being a SQL geek is where it’s at! Winking smile

Anyway, hope to see you in Exeter!




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